5 October 2018 | Brussel, Belgium
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5 October 2018
Brussel, Belgium
Brokerage Event on Energy Systems and SCC

C-Energy 2020 - Connecting Energy National Contact Points in a pro-active network under Societal Challenge 3 ‘Secure, clean and efficient energy’ in Horizon 2020

C-ENERGY 2020 is a 48 month Coordination and Support Action having three specific objectives:

  • ensuring high quality Energy NCP services for Horizon 2020 and related programmes applicants;
  • lowering entry barriers for Energy NCPs approaching EU Framework Programmes for R&I for the first time;
  • Consolidating the network of Energy NCPs.

The Project, builds up on the experience of the previous C-Energy and C-Energy+ projects, kicked off on the 1st December 2014 in Rome and will be lasting until the 30th November 2018.

Throughout its implementation, the C-ENERGY 2020 project will take into consideration the major changes the new EU R&I Framework Programme 2014-20 ‘Horizon 2020’ brought about the Energy NCP mandate. In fact, with its brand new approach covering the whole R&I chain, Horizon 2020 demands Energy NCPs to have specific multi-disciplinary skills and knowledge, as well as to focus their services to a wider target including enterprises, researchers, public administrations and  financial institutions.

C-ENERGY 2020 Project will be carried out by a solid network composed by experienced and less experienced Energy NCPs coming from 18 organisations based in EU Member States and Countries Associated to Horizon 2020. A bigger number of organisations based in EU Member States and Countries Associated to Horizon 2020 have already expressed their interest in cooperating with the C-Energy 2020 project. <

The network will tackle the above-cited challenges by building up the NCP capacity through the organisation of benchmarking activitiestraining sessions (webinar, on-line modules and face2face courses) and twinning schemes.

The dialogue with enterprises and researchers will benefit of international cross-border brokerage events and ad-hoc training sessions.

Outreaching activities will have a foremost role as they will enable to extend the cooperation with other NCP thematic networks(especially BioHorizon, ETNA2020, NCPs CARE, NET4Society4, SEREN3, RICH, IDEALIST2018, NMP TeAM3 e NUCL-EU 2020) and create synergies with energy-related Enterprise Europe Network’s Sector Groups when it comes to partner searching activities, training courses and international relevant activities.

Communication flows both within and outside the Energy NCP network, as well as the dissemination of project results will be mainly ensured through this website and the e-newsletter. Promotion/information materials and the network’s participation in relevant events will be also exploited as communication means.

Last but not least, throughout the project’s duration special attention will be paid to the diversity of stakeholders in the energy sector, the gender dimension, as well as to establish links with other EU relevant initiatives (such as the Joint Technology Initiatives, Jiont Programming Initiatives, contractual Public-Private Partnerships, EUREKA, ERA-nets, KIC InnoEnergy), programmes (NER400, Connecting Europe Facility) and policies (SET-Plan, European Fund for Strategic Investments, European Structural and Investment Funds), as well as with the European Investment Bank Group.

Further Details you will find on our C-Energy 2020 Website!


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